Shattering Negative Notions, How An NGO Is Empowering 71K People Who Are Deafblind

Posted by Our Better World in Disability Rights
January 7, 2018

Deafblind children and adults are often invisible. They are often mistaken as emotionally or intellectually challenged. In some rural parts of India, they are even branded as a ‘curse’ from the gods.

Abandoned at an orphanage at the age of one, by her parents, and without an understanding of the world around her, Sneha dealt with a difficult beginning.

However, the little girl is learning about the world around her through her other senses, thanks to Sense India.

“Their world is limited to their fingertips,” says Akhil S Paul, the Director of Sense India.

“Beyond it there is nothing unless you and I sit with the child and introduce the world outside the reach of their fingertips to them.”

Sense India has helped around 71,500 people belonging to the deafblind community. It now hopes to help them become more self-sufficient and shatter any negative perceptions that the society may continue to hold against them.

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