Our Entire Existence Hinges On Our Social Media Image

Posted by Divya Ramnani in Society
January 31, 2018

The other day, I woke up after having a long hectic weekend and the first thing that I searched for was my phone. Though my eyes were half closed and I was only semi-conscious, it didn’t really matter. I was overcome with desperation to check how many likes and comments my recently uploaded picture had got.

This may seem bizarre but most of us go through similar scenarios today. Being a part of social media has become a compulsion in order to maintain a certain social image and circle.

Technology today has tremendously evolved from the era of sending letters to e-mails and now direct messages. But the biggest progression is undoubtedly that of social media. We probably won’t remember what drama took place in our lives a day before or let’s say an hour back, but it’s impossible to forget surfing through our timelines to keep a check on who is befriending whom, what clothes one is wearing and how one looks.

Nowadays, most people’s lives persistently revolve around Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. It’s like the art of juggling. Managing all these social media accounts has become no less than a responsibility for every socially stable person.

Apart from all the other jazz, social media is often considered to be a great platform to mark the places one has checked into – from the likes of Zara or Vero Moda to having a lunch at Taj to watching a film. It creates pressure among teens who can’t help but wish to experience such things. And at times, people end up sharing too much information which then backfires in some way.

Introverts, who find it difficult to communicate with people in real life, are the best speakers on social media. The point though is that while social media is a great tool to communicate with people, it’s not a good thing if one’s whole existence hinges on social media – if validation from social media is all that they seek in every stage of their lives.

There’s a life beyond our mobile screens and despite all the social media consciousness, we need to live the life beyond our screens as well.