Startup world in india

Posted by Ayush Mehrotra
January 28, 2018

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Hello, guys my name is ayush. I am here to talk about something which very important to every entrepreneur in India or a person who is willing to become.


Did you know the first asked from a person who says i want to become an entrepreneur in india is “why” not “what” in India everybody ask why you want to become and entrepreneur but nobody ask what is your idea?.


Just because of this why many young minds and great idea drop there plan and start doing jobs for other.

You know what you should be a job giver not a job seeker.


If you know your customers and directly attack on the customers need or its problem which you can solve than i am damn sure you can easily grow no matter how the competition is.


The main thibg from which a person stops to open a startup is that because he/she thinks that starting a startup is a very difficult process which consumes lots of and effort. But my friend is not true you can start a startup as a side business with less investment and less time but the main thing is that you need to start what you are willing to start.

So guys if you have any idea which can solve customers problem or need than dont think too much and just start it because untill or unless you start you will not know its potential and it will always gives you an experience.

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