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“Stay inside the house “

Posted by Shambhavi Juyal
January 12, 2018

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A seven year old girl in kasur town,Pakistan was raped-killed and thrown,
and we can’t make out which of them is worse.
“Stay inside the house”.
A news reporter protested against the crime by going live with her daughter on her lap and most of us are wondering if the seven year old’s kameez was too short.

“Stay inside the house”.

Someone’s daughter’s stalker was send to jail,
and we are just concentrating on the fact that she was a Tendulkar,
and not on the fact that someone raised their voice against the crime.

“Stay inside the house”.

Two men in their twenties kidnapped and raped a 16year old girl in Bulandshahr when she was returning from her tuitions,just for FUN.
Her tuition teacher too thought of touching her breasts once.
And someone somewhere said after her death that she should have died in the womb only.

“Stay inside the house”.

Let him forcefully put his manhood in the place where you smile,watching the girls of your batch join college.
He’s your husband.

Now go cook for your rapist.

“Stay inside the house”.

University of Kansas featured an exhibit titled “what were you wearing” showcasing rape victim’s clothes to justify it was not their fault.
The raped women sitting on the footpath somewhere in citylight must be thinking that it’s the fault of her son who was feeding on her just before her rape.

“Stay inside the house”.

Her soul is still sitting inside the house.
Just beside the person who raped her for 10 years.

Her friends outside the house were blamed for her suicide while her suicide note with every description of her uncle raping her for 10 years was showcased in the University of Kansas in a parallel universe.



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