Suffering in Silence

Posted by Tanya Yadav
January 17, 2018

Our media is filled with news pieces about rape cases, wars, hate crimes and mob lynchings. We say that our media is a reflection of our society. That means, our society is suffering in silence, despite being talked about. 

We have seen the fates of Pehlu Khan, Junaid Khan, Anwar, Hafizul and more recently of Afrazul. And adding on that people are making profiles on social media with pictures of lynchers and promote them in the name of religion. Thus, many “Khans” suffer in silence even after remaining in news.

Same is the case with rape survivors and victims. Our society wakes up after a long sleep, like once we did in 2012. Otherwise, rape and molestation cases have become a “common sight”. Rape survivors Suffer in Silence even after media presenting it’s report on them. Haryana, U.P. and Delhi have become unsafe; but we are more interested in slut-shaming and losing our sensitivity for the survivors.

And who can forget the cross-border fires and wars? Even if one wants to forget, media doesn’t let that happen. We read about deaths of soldiers, civilians and militants every day. Our concern is more towards “nationalism” than towards solving the issue.

The motive of the article is not to question media coverage. Instead, the coverage of such issues should be done more extensively. The problem is that despite all this a little seems to change. Change will only come with a change in our MINDSETS.