Thalaiva’s Blockbuster In Politics Begins

Posted by Anshika Tiwari in Politics, Specials
January 17, 2018
It’s time now that the politicians of Tamil Nadu should “mind it” as the superstar Rajinikanth is all set for his blockbuster entry in politics.
After a year-long political ruckus in Tamil politics following the death of Jayalalitha, this news would have brought a sigh of relief to the local citizen and a considerable strain on Dravidian parties.
The actor’s fans have been expecting the actor to take the political dive since 1996, when he expressed his support for the DMK-TMC alliance. Finally, to his fans expectations, Rajinikanth, dressed in a white kurta, announced his entry into politics, adding that he would float a political party. The veteran actor, in fact, is all set to contest for all 234 constituencies in the upcoming elections.
‘Thalaiva’, which translates to leader or boss, said: “The time has come for a political change in Tamil Nadu. Time for the politics of truth, accountability, credibility and transparency; politics not based on caste or cash, but on spirituality.”
Rajnikanth was born in a Marathi family in Bangalore. His entry into the politics predominated by Dravidian stalwarts could have been a challenging job. However, his timing could be a masterstroke. After the sad demise of AIADMK’s chief J. Jayalalithaa and inactivity of DMK’s chief in public life, a political vacuum has been created. Thanks to the clash between OPS and EPS faction with Sasikala and her nephew, the situation has gone worse.
The Bhartiya Janata Party, which has been eager to open its account in Tamil politics has applauded Thalaiva’s entry in politics. The party at the center certainly has some positive hopes from the superstar.
The beauty of the fandom of South Indian actors lies in the fact that they are not just liked but have truly bonded with the people. Public not only applauds their performance massively but has mammoth respect for them. Such is the superstardom that death of MGR overwhelmed 30 people to commit suicide in 1987. In fact, Jayalalitha’s death created a similar scenario in the state.
To sum up, the superstar who can have theatres go up in flames if he is ever killed at the end of a film certainly has a humongous fan following and owing to the loyalty of his fan base it won’t be surprising if his fandom also gets reflected in his vote share. His entry in politics is going to carry with it colossal expectations of people. And undoubtedly, enormous support too… Mind it!