the cause of all the mess in this world is ME!

Posted by Vivek Dasoju
January 24, 2018

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Let’s imagine ourselves on a scale starting from birth to death. When our parents planned a child they never planned us specifically instead they just planned and gave birth to a child which happened to become us (you, me,who ever). Let’s go even backwards from our birth even before our mothers conceived! What do we see ? Are we there ? Just the concept of us (you,me ,whoever) seizes to exist. Now let’s go to the future when we die that can be anytime just right now while I’m writing this article too. After we die what remains ? Our entire existence, the concept of me and you just doesn’t exist anymore. If you’ve observed when someone dies we stop calling that persons body by his/her name now we call it a dead-body.  The point I’m trying to make is when I say ME it’s a very temporary and meaning less thing in fronts of this cosmos which itself doesn’t have any meaning to its existence. Just look at the sky , look at yourself what do you see? Don’t you see art, a mind boggling design which is so perfect for a lack of better word. And when you ask why ? Why all this even exists for what purpose ? The answer is just not there. By this I understand that the amount of effort and power we are wasting on ourselves , our pervieved notion that ‘I’ matter, my religion , caste , creed, race, territory, skin colour is somehow superior to others has no meaning at all. Is this why you or me we’re born? to spread our religion, to earn power, money and forget basic humanity ? Problems start when we give this ‘ME’ over importance. 

I feel we’re just nothing in front of this universe. our existence or non existence not only ours our entire galaxies existence doesn’t really matter when you compare it with universe but still we’re a part of this whole so let’s just try to use one of best productions of evolution – Our brain! Let’s not be non-thinking or just Monkeys with smart phones. 

I’m not gonna quote Buddha or Swami Vivek Anand and try to preach here. I’m just a thinking atheist and I strongly feel only a THINKING  persons let that be a thiest or an atheist can make a society peaceful. 

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