Posted by Himani Shah
January 23, 2018

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I am not the most religious person I know and is always skeptical too but when it come to worshiping and praying, it gives me an immense pleasure, a sense of me piece of me and most importantly the peace of mind that is constantly disturbed by outside stimuli, it makes you feel that you are in control of yourself and once even this much is achieved you can definitely treat the outside hustle.Whenever we pray we not always pray for wishes to be granted for but it gives you a triumph over the negative, over the ignorance that we not only possess but create too, when we try to hold on our negative state or try to forget about it but it seldom helps us, it is just like holding on the poison, since know we don’t have the anecdote, we just wait there trying to get it seep through and flush out of ourselves, but this is not how universe works( yes it is beneficial to achieve temporary peace or solemnity but in the long term what we need is — inner bliss, which is quite difficult). When we pray we devote our minds to the huge cosmic power that is full of positivity, that gives us so much of peace and belief that we try to find solutions within our reach, we start accepting and finding solutions rather than reacting, panicking and at last simple ignoring, this huge ball of positivity just like sun is scattered and all around us, whenever we pray, chant mantras or do some religious ceremonies, it’s just a way of attracting this positive URJA (power) near our system and penetrate deep within us to guide us in our journey towards all the go🌝d (God, only one letter being less since it’s the floating cosmic ball of fire🌝 supplying you energy whenever and wherever you need). So pray if you wish so, not for the God itself but for the positivity, the hope within you that’s still there but you have to reach it with your subconscious mind, with all the eternal bliss you experience while and even after praying.,

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