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Posted by Smita Gogoi
January 6, 2018

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Success! A word which itself gives us the thirst for it. But how many of us are actually successful! The typical definition of it, is a six figure income, a luxurious car and a bungalow. Is that really needed to be successful? Does these materialistic things really matter? I may sound unrealistic while questioning this. But Yes the truth is the youth craves for these. The growing generation craves for even more. Their age doesn’t seem to have such needs. But in order to not look like a loser or someone lacking behind they demand for more. The question is, why are we giving so much importance to the materialistic world? The machines have become the daily  need. One will skip sleeping just because the online world seems so attractive. Everybody has realized it, yet a very few had that strength of pushing these odds away from their daily lives. The first need after getting up is not a human but a machine. We look for the best quality in materials but the same is ignored in terms of people we communicate. One easily feels satisfied when they earn money, buy a vehicle, buy trendy clothes and accessories, and the list goes on. But what happens after these? We long for more. And more. Once the trend is gone, its outdated. You need to buy new ones. And then You Won’t Stop! You literally Won’t! Someone in the corner of the world is happy with the outdated pair of shoes you gave away. Because they just wanted one. They didn’t even have the ability to think your way.

      You don’t have time to sit and listen to your family. But always do have a lot of time to sit and chat online. It is such an irony that we don’t feel the urge to hold on to people who are there for us in reality. Instead, we crave for people whom we’ve never met! At the end of the day Family, friends and love matters more than anything. You don’t even remember which colour bag you first carried to school. Do you? But you would never forget the colour of the attire your Maa looked most beautiful in. That’s how it is. Feed your soul with moments that makes you feel lively. That is the purest form of success. Maybe that is why it is said, “Don’t just exist, live.”


Smita Gogoi.

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