The Salary Surge…….

Posted by Seimple Simon
January 27, 2018

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In continuation with articles on the Salary Surge. …
It is about the receivables in any industry or situation, where the max perks are received at the top and the crumbs picked off the floor at the bottom of the pyramid. This is a misconceived notion that it is the top alone that deserves the credit for success.
Success can be achieved when every player in the game plays his part and contributes to the targeted goal.
We need to create a winning situation and a prosperous society where everyone who contributes gets rewarded.
Let us assume these are the different levels in an industry.

Chairman & Managing Director,(10x)
Divisional In Charge,(6x)
Supervisor, (2.5x)
workers (1x)

If say x=Rs 10,000, then the CMD gets max Rs 1 Lakh.
Once this definition is accepted / legislated, then in a given industry if the CMD deserves more, he has to ensure the value of x at the ground level in his organization changes.
This one act will create a healthy environment within the organization, and within society.

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