The StoryScoop: From Dream Walkers to Story Makers

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January 7, 2018

When we visited the website The StoryScoop, we could find fascinating stories and entertaining articles from across the world but it was still hard to anticipate their ‘mission’, about which we would learn later.

The StoryScoop proudly claims to be an entertainment/media e-zine website that produces featured stories, entertainment blogs and mines good content from all over the planet. Although the blog is new and is still being constructed, the owners of the site are determined to foresee its future.

We did an online interview with the owners where they shared their vision. They really understand our thoughts and limitations and so, The StoryScoop is intended to be more than just a website. Author and owner Kartik Jha elaborated, “It’s not just a website or a blog. Rather, it’s an idea that will immortally serve the world of entertainment with impeccable stories, irrespective of the medium.”

In addition to this, the administrator and owner of the site, Zahid Akhtar, quipped, “We intend to be not just internet celebrities or have a traffic-heavy website which machines a lot of pointless content in the name of trend.  On the contrary, we aspire towards delivering a better product, no matter what.”

Calling themselves StoryScoopers, the founder owners of the website, Kartik and Zahid, are looking forward to diversifying their medium. Both of them are on different dimensions of storytelling. Yet, they have cultivated a similar path to join forces.

Before we address their vision and the ongoing, as well as the future plans of these StoryScoopers, let’s get a clearer picture about their e-zine website.

Towards The Bigger Picture

The StoryScoop, also known as TSP Media Production, is establishing itself as an e-zine website, as well as a media production group for producing short films, web series and more to extend their vision of storytelling. Kartik Jha, one of the owners, is the one who came up with the idea of ‘StoryScoop’. He is a freelancer in professional writing and media. He also has an aspiration for filmmaking.

A storyteller by heart, Kartik foresees raising an empire of quality entertainment and media. He also seeks to establish himself as a writer, filmmaker and an artistic entrepreneur.

However, Kartik mentioned that early on, he wasn’t moved by the idea of having a blog, despite being a professional writer. It was his colleague and friend Zahid who suggested that having a blog could actually be an addition to Kartik’s vision.

Kartik mentioned, “I starve to write for myself but having a website with a busy schedule, when my vision was more oriented towards storytelling through media, didn’t feel very convincing to me.  So, I passed on the idea. But Zahid, who himself is an enthusiastic actor, media freelancer and Vblogger, convinced me that TSP could be the opportunity that allows us to fulfil our dreams. That was the first spark I saw”.

The StoryScoop features articles on the basis of sponsorships as well as advertisements. However, TSP’s main theme is ‘hope and happiness’. They prefer to endorse brands, persons or profiles which are unique, carry a message of hope and can bring change into this world.

Zahid, who maintains the administration of the website, including technical aspects, website management, social media and marketing, talked about how TSP is now taking baby steps but is also looking to make a giant leap. “ Right now, we are taking baby steps ( laughs). Honestly, we’re all working on a blueprint. Some real-time effects will be seen after new year’s eve. As for the rest, we are expanding online media production where Kartik will be taking care of the creative film-making part. Another crucial member, our content and creative manager, Nupur Jha, is a fresh young brain who works on creative ideas and accompanies Kartik on the scripting and pre-production parts. You will see me featured in such productions, as well as in production and administrative roles.” 

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After a chat with these StoryScoopers, we now see the bigger picture TSP is working towards, which involves expanding their media production and getting a better grip on their e-zine website.

We also contacted Nupur Jha, the third and an inseparable part of TSP. She is the creative and content manager who seems excited for upcoming projects. “I really enjoy being part of something that aspires to be huge – that’s important actually! Unfortunately, vision is the very thing you find missing in most organisation or groups, even if they have big setups and huge figures to chart. Luckily, TSP does have the vision and we are heading towards it. Let me tell you, you may not know, Kartik is also my elder brother. We are working on the pre-production parts of a web series which will soon be released. Also, there will be an expansion of our team. We will be needing artists, writers, storytellers, actors, camera persons…you know, all those creative bugs. So I am thrilled!”

We tried to ask more about their upcoming web series but they didn’t give us much to go on. “ We can’t tell you much about that, at least not right now. It will be a sci-fi slash fantasy thriller. We are at the scripting stage. Actually, all film-making and video production is being overseen by Kartik. Zahid will be a part of production, as well as the cast. We will be announcing it probably in January 2018.”

At last, we got some closure from Kartik, who will be filming productions. We asked about their new year plans to which Kartik said, “I am looking forward to the new year as it will be bringing a lot for us. TSP is part of me, as well as Zahid and Nupur. We are working on our plans and we share the same vision. I can’t share more details but you can be rest assured of a better tomorrow where only good content is the god!”

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