Posted by Shailja Garg
January 24, 2018

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This story is one that needs to be told – about a girl in her late 20s. An Asian by birth who’s drawn by the powerful force of stubbornness and boldness; but, she’s always confused and messing up with her decisions. She disapproves hearing “NO”, making her go her own way; hence, she makes mistakes. She stumbles and falls but picks herself up ready to rise. Such is her nature. She’s very adamant about things she believes in, but gets taken aback a few times. Her thoughts of “Mum nahi maanegi”, “Papa kya bolenge” and “log kya bolenge” are her few obstacles. She leaves the town to pursue her Masters by her will. The lass realises that it’s very important to get out of her comfort zone since her decision not to marry so early is a strong one. The new city is an extremely different story – she goes through so many problems. Yet, she’s capable enough to handle each of them.

No one will agree that life’s a piece of cake – and not sweet always too. The family wants her to settle. She denies again, keeping in mind the respect to their feelings as well. Life isn’t easy for her day and night. It seems she’s fighting a lone battle – with sleepless nights, dreadful thoughts and identity crises haunting her mind and body. As you may know, she’s obstinate and because we no more live in a society where marriage looks upon us as an accomplishment. A new day begins, a new chapter unfolds – she starts working. She’s happy to pursue the career of her choice. This is again a bold move as it’s still a taboo for a young lady to work. However, she’s determined and continues henceforth.

If food is tasteless without the condiments and spices, life without entropy is mundane. Arrangements for her wedding begin. She denies once more and lets fate decide her destiny. Flowers don’t bloom without rain now, do they? However, fate is kind to her. The caterpillar becomes a butterfly – ready to get a taste of the real world outside her cocoon. She’s proud of her upbringing – she’s matured well, compassionate and a responsible young woman who chooses to lead an independent life. Despite all that, she’s still a baby girl to her parents.

Don’t hassle her and let things flow at their own pace. It’s difficult to live a life that resonates with her heart – but let’s live life to our 100% and to our best capabilities. After all, you only live once.


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