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Posted by mit sot
January 17, 2018

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The Telecom industry, also commonly known as ICT is flourishing day by day. It is hard to imagine the world without the abundance of services provided by the industry. As the industry moved from voice to text predominance, people have become increasingly dependent on these services. At the heart of the industry lies development and innovation which works towards making it more and more suitable to the social fabric of life today.

Research has estimated that the telecommunications services revenue worldwide will grow up to $2.4 trillion by 2019. This creates room for a tremendous scope of jobs for professionals with a background in telecommunications. This also means that there is an increasing demand for people with a managerial knack in the sector.

Is Telecom Management for you?

To get a qualification that prepares you for the sector, you should pursue a course that equips you with the necessary techno-managerial skills. If you have a B.E., B.C.S., B.Tech., B.C.A. or B.Sc degree, this makes you eligible for a PGDM in Telecom management. The course prepares engineers to be capable to operate as managers in the sector. This makes them able to work in departments like Management of Telecom Networks/Telecom Projects, Marketing/Finance/HR operations, Operation Support Systems/Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS), Mobile apps development, Product Development, Consulting, Pre-Sales in the verticals of Infrastructure/Communication Service Providers/Manufacturers.

What next?

If you think the sector is something that interests you, you should look into what scope it offers for you particularly. This depends on your personal interests in the field, your expectations from the degree, your expectations from the institute you would like to pursue it, and several such factors. Once you know your objectives, you should choose your institute/s of interest.

Getting the right institute

To do this, researching and finding a suitable Institute Of Telecom Management specifically would be the first step. Once you have made a list of all the institutes that interest you, you can refine down the list by looking into factors like research expertise available, accessibility, funding required and scholarships available or provided by the institute. These are some factors that should help you choosing the ideal institute for yourself.

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