This is a tale of a man who believe some love stories have no ending

Posted by Rituraj Gautam
January 8, 2018

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She was happy with me, it was a long-term relationship, and it had been three years with no problems of any kind. But after some time that I could sense some emotional discomfort in her.

No one changes without a reason and she had changed. Even after countless questions by me, her answer was always the same. ”There is nothing like that, I am happy with you.” I loved her and could read her eyes and her way of talking. We had gone through every phase that a relationship goes with. We planned to marry and conversations about future were a part of our daily chats, but things had changed completely.

I realized that she was trying to be happy with me, but she actually wasn’t. She was making every possible effort to stay with me. She was walking with me, she was holding my hand, but her eyes had a different story to say.

That last time when we met at her favorite place, I stopped her in between the walk by bending on my knees in front of her. I said, “You love me, and you know that. Please tell me why you have changed? It’s your life, sweetheart. You have every right to be happy; you have every right to live it the way you want to. Please speak the truth.”

I cried out. She took me into her arms and cried out even louder. “I am sorry, I am sorry,” I asked her the reason for apologizing and praying not to hear what I had already sensed.

“I have ruined your life, I can’t stay with you forever… We have to forget each other, my family will not accept our relationship,” she said finally. My prayers went unheard. I was speechless, no hints and no clues of what to say.

She had taken my world from me. I failed to be strong enough to withhold the salinity of my eyes, I failed. I could see the guilt in her eyes, she was broken too. She left the decision on me, she was ready to live her life with me for just one reason that I loved her.

You don’t need to stay. I can’t see my love dying every moment, I can’t see you killing your happiness every second, I can’t let you live with me. No, I can’t be that selfish. I can manage life and trust me, I will be fine with time. I spoke out, looking into her eyes. I meant every word that I said.

She was still out of words, she still had tears in her eyes.

“Can I hug you for one last time?” I asked her. She took me into her arms and cried out badly. She knew that she had done something very wrong and she was feeling extremely guilty for what she had done. That was our last meeting, one last time that I had my world in my arms.

One last time that I felt her touch and the only time that I saw her walking away from me. Away from me, far from me…

Yes, she looked back, I turned aside to let her know that I am fine. I didn’t want her to look at her past again. I spent that night alone.

Yes, I miss her at times but it’s fine. I will do everything to be loyal to the one that destiny has chosen for me.





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