This Republic Day, Take Some Time Out To Know These Unsung Heroes

Posted by BitGiving in Society
January 24, 2018

To be a republic means to be in a nation where the supreme power lies in the hands of the citizens and the leaders they elect, a nation where citizens hold power to make changes on their own. But are we truly doing that?

This Republic Day, let us all take a minute to know more about these unsung heroes who decided to be a republic and make changes happen by themselves.

1. This Organisation That Is Creating Shelters To Protect People From Cold Waves

Rangdhara Foundation is creating shelter homes in Lucknow for senior citizens in light of the increasingly intense cold waves hitting the city. They want to ensure that everyone living in the shelters has access to basic amenities, in addition to protection from the weather. With their efforts, they have collected nearly ₹2 lakhs as seed funding but need your help to ensure that they can have efficient operations in these shelters for the entire winter season.

2. A Group Of Women Who Have Been Ensuring Safe Birth Experiences For Women In Bangalore

Bangalore Birth Network (BBN) was started by women who were committed to bringing in a change in the birth community. They were inspired by our own birth experiences – some demoralizing, some joyful. Their mission is to raise awareness and promote safe, respectful birth and evidence-based, mother and baby friendly care from pregnancy through postpartum for women of all socioeconomic backgrounds. You can help them support their initiative of ensuring safe, respectful delivery experience for all women.

3. WaterAid Is Ensuring That Families Have Access To Clean Water

WaterAid India (WAI) is an international NGO working in 11+ states across India, transforming the lives of the poorest and most marginalized people by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). They are working towards the installation of mini-water pipelines to provide 30-35 vulnerable families clean drinking water. While the community is helping the organisation by trying to raise funds, you can speed up the process!

4. Prashant Bhushan’s Fight For Judicial Accountability And Reform

Prashant Bhushan, a public interest advocate and anti-corruption activist, is the convenor of the Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Reforms (CJAR). He is noted for his use of public interest litigation to support a number of causes related to corruption, environmental protection and human rights. He has started Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Reforms (CJAR) in a relentless effort to expose and act against corruption, nepotism and misbehaviour in the judiciary. The organisation will involve work with activists, litigants, lawyers, and those in the judiciary itself. You can know more about his initiative to ensure greater judicial accountability.

5. This Army Man’s Daughter Is Empowering More Than 300 Students In Rajasthan

Deepshikha Chhetri worked in the field of education with government schools in the remote village of Bhoola (Sirohi district). During her field experience, she noticed the lack of infrastructure in school as well as the homes of the students. She realized that the lack of amenities was negatively impacting their education and it was then she decided to take things in her hand. She plans to ensure all the students of the school get a better infrastructure to study effectively, both in the school and at home. She aims to provide all students with deskits – a portable desk for them to attach to their bags. While she has been collecting funds to bring this to reality, you can help her reach her goal faster!

6. This College-Based Organisation Which Is Giving A Voice To Our Furry Friends

Enactus Motilal Nehru College has taken up the initiative to ensure safety and protection for street dogs by implementing their innovative DESI model i.e. the duty to empathize, sterilize and immunize stray dogs. They aim to bring about collaboration among the municipalities, localities and NGOs to guide them for safe and hygienic sterilization and immunization of street dogs in their area. They are collaborating with entities to carry out the immunization and sterilization at the lowest possible cost. With this campaign, they aim to get a minimum 200 dogs sterilized within a period of three months. At a cost of ₹500 per dog, they need your help in ensuring our furry friends get vaccinated soon!