This Winter, Pledge To Provide Warmth To Street Dogs

Posted by BitGiving in Society
January 17, 2018

Nothing is better than a cosy winter – hot mugs of cocoa, a good book to read and a warm, curled up pet dog right next to you.

Unfortunately, not all dogs have the same perfect cosy winter as most of ours do. Temperatures in Delhi are plummeting every day, and while we shiver and whine about the cold in our cosy homes and offices, there are so many dogs on the street who can’t have the same luxury.

Delhi is home to more than four lakh stray dogs and every winter, a large number of these lose their lives to the lack of protection against the biting cold. Many try and make the best of shelters beneath cars, old sacks and trees.

It is with keeping our four-legged friends in mind that Green the Map and Swechha are providing these dogs with jackets, the warmth they crave. Not only that, they will design and produce the jackets themselves, mobilise volunteers for distribution and collaborate with other institutes.

As animal lovers and pet owners, it is our prerogative to help those who don’t have a voice. Donate to this cause today! Each jacket costs ₹400. You can even donate old blankets and quilts that can be upcycled to make jackets for the dogs.