This Woman Is Riding Miles To Help Children Walk A Step

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January 12, 2018

Sheetal’s family treated her passion for sports as an indulgence. “She is a girl and girls don’t play sports,” they said. It was reason enough to keep her away from any formal training.

Sheetal dreamt of being an athlete as a young girl. But being the only girl child in the family, she made peace with her family’s wishes and found a high-flying career in finance. However, that didn’t deter her from finding her love for cycling as an adult.

“There is intense history under my spandex – since the first ride in 2014, I’ve never looked back, riding away in search of personal goals. Through my work place, I was given the opportunity to participate in a cycling tour in London, UK. It was then that I bought my first bike at 36,” she said.

Sheetal never looked back. She won competition after competition and broke barriers. All the while, she believed in a cause bigger than her. She wants to help children with disabilities while pursuing her newfound love for cycling. “I told myself that this year, I want to add a cause to the miles I ride, and bring about a change in someone’s life.”

Sheetal wants to ride in the Tour of Tamil Nadu (TOT) a cycling event which takes participants through the hidden wonders of Tamil Nadu in a week-long expedition. Covering a distance of 505.94 miles, climbing 21,854 feet, it’s not an easy ride. It will take some serious training to be able to survive the tour.

Her efforts will benefit children with disabilities at Cheshire Homes India-Mumbai (CHM). Founded in the year 1955 by Late Group Captain Leonard Cheshire, the home provides residential care services, education, health and rehabilitation for persons with disabilities.

The valuable contributions made will ensure physiotherapy and occupational therapy to the children at Cheshire Home, that would lead to their physical well-being, social and educational inclusion.

Help Sheetal in her cause today.