Thou Shall Not Err, Kumar Vishwas

Posted by shakeel ahmad in Politics
January 12, 2018

Recent reports say that Kumar Vishwas may be replaced as AAP Rajasthan in-charge. The political affairs committee (PAC) of the Aam Aadmi Party is considering this matter. It seems like Kumar Vishwas is not interested and senior party members are unhappy with him for not devoting enough time.

Even the party’s overseas volunteers have expressed their annoyance about his carelessness and inattention in the affairs of the organisation. Sreekanth Kocharlakota, AAP Volunteer and Secretary AAP USA, in his article writes, ‘‘Kumar Bhau, you think politics is about perception and you can win with your oratory skills and always-in-demand sauce of Nationalism. You think volunteers are innocent and good people hardly dare to talk. But Bhau, you are mistaken. Not a whole lot chose to talk, some might be wondering what to do, but seeing your fans and your paid PR team trolling Arvind Kejriwal by retweeting – ‘Jo Chup rahenge Itihas unse hissab manega (those who stay quiet, history will demand an answer.)’ I decided to stand up and talk against your bully. Arvind is not alone. Millions are with him and I stand by him.’’

So how did all this began?

If the vociferous voice against him is generating among the loyal party workers, it cannot be undervalued. Therefore, unfavourable affects on the party should be addressed.

Kumar Vishwas criticised Arvind Kejriwal since he didn’t get a Rajya Sabha ticket. If the party’s PAC is considering his replacement from the Rajasthan unit in-charge, I believe there is nothing wrong with it at all. His disinterest in the affairs of the party’s state unit has irked the members, so it’s understandable why senior members of the Rajasthan state unit are unhappy with him.

The lack of attention towards party matters is not acceptable, especially when they need to create a ground for contesting the state assembly polls in December. What was desired of him, was his interest in building the party’s organisational strength at this demanding time.

Perhaps, Kumar Vishwas believes that the party has no lively attraction for his sparkling imaginations. Luckily, the workers’ voice would be enough to dissuade him from experiencing one of the few laden desires the party has to offer him in the due course of time.