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Time Management

Posted by Bhoomika Narayana
January 29, 2018

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Time Management is a concious watch of the time spent on the activities and ensuring that the time spent on each task  does not decrease ones efficiency over the task being performed

Time Management is a kind of strategy one has to adopt to lead a blissful life.It has extensive applicability .It is applicable in each and every walks of life ,be it from work life to retirement life. Working under pressure, deadlines etc retards ones health gradually ,instead if tasks are performed before hand with effective planning our health remains stable.Hence Time Management leads to a Healthy Lifestyle.

YOUTH is the greatest asset to a nation.We are filled with spirit,vigou and freshness.As we are the future of a nation specifically Time Mangement becomes a primary requirement to us,be it for self growth or for the collective growth as a nation.  I feel we have to stick ourselves to the concept of ”Working SMARTER and not  HARDER ”. In order to do that we have to Cap our LEAKAGES. Leakages here are Social media ,Television,gossiping,window shopping etc etc.

I follow my self made theory that is the PPP rule .

P: Plan the TO -DO’s

P: Pause ,ie to analyse the tasks that need immediate attention and the tasks that can be kept on the back burner

P: Play,ie to implement the plan of action.

Time Management helps to groom ourselves. Each one of us have 24 hours only it is upto us the manner in which we utilise it. So,folks !buckle up your shoes and tame your time !

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