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January 23, 2018

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Half the Indian population is below the age of 25 years. And they all are striving for jobs. Every day around 30,000 youngsters join the hunt for jobs but roughly only 300 of them succeed in their efforts. If they turn desperate and lose all hope the Indian dream could easily disintegrate. Definitely, jobs are the hottest thing in India.

To secure a job and build a successful career you have to choose well the path you walk down. And how do you make the right choice? With sufficient knowledge, of course. According to learned career counsellors, not all jobs are for everyone. This urges you to go for a field of study and a career that would help you find your flow and turn you into a workafrolic.

If you love Sports. You can be a professional player, coach or instructor, sports manager or agent, sports journalist or a sports therapist. Therefore in today’s world there are plenty of options attached with every field. It is very important for a individual to opt for career in which they have keen interest.

Before entering into any sector you should ask three important questions to yourself-

  1. Will I Fit in?

Do all the research you can to understand the people and the vision behind the companies that you’re considering applying to. There is a great deal of information available online. Apart from reading up on company websites and social media channels, connect with people on LinkedIn and get to know possible team members better. Read independent reviews on platforms like Glassdoor. Try to meet different people if you can and hear their perspectives. Ask questions about the culture, values and purpose. Do they really resonate with who you are and what you want to do?

  1. Where do I see myself after three years?

I always find this a particularly helpful lens. Whatever the reasons for the change — how does this impact your long-term plans? What will it set you up to do better than you would have otherwise? Where will you be on your learning curve? The more tangible you make this assessment, the clearer you will be on how to measure success in a few years.

  1. How much money is enough?

Money is an important consideration, so don’t shy away from discussing it. Put down a figure, so that you can honestly evaluate and plan. Factor in different things, like when you want to buy a home or where you want to send your children to school or the kind of holidays you want to take. That said, if you make all your career moves solely based on where you get the highest pay package, you’ll be constantly on the move. It just doesn’t add up in the longer run. Instead, figure out what you really need and then shift your focus to other benefits like medical policies or flexible work schedules. They can have an equally significant impact on your longer-term decisions.

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