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Top 6 Study Tips for New College Students

Posted by MarkPeterson
January 18, 2018

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Transitioning from high school to college is a frustrating time for all students, even the best of them. The benefits such as flexible schedule and endless parties are right around the corner, but college also comes with various responsibilities and more obligations.

When the time comes to start college, your past study strategies are simply not enough. Knowing this, we have created a list of the top 6 strategies that will help you study smart and effective:

1. Create an Ideal Study Environment

There is not a set rule as to what your environment should be like when studying, and this varies from one student to another. Just try out different things and see which one fits you the most. You may want to choose a quiet room, remove the distractions, and even make sure the temperature and lighting are right.

2. Find Your Learning Style

Some students learn best when they write things down, others prefer highlighting, and some are most effective when given the chance to apply the knowledge. Find out which learning style fits you the most and try to turn this discovery into your college study strategy.

3. Work on Your Reading Skills

Reading is the foundation of effective learning, but many new college students fail to acknowledge this. When you are first enrolled into college, you try to take in everything around you, and reading is probably the last thing in your mind. Well, in order to improve your comprehension and become more successful in studying, you should work on your reading skills.

4. Enhance the Memory and Concentration

College students have a lot on their plate. Starting from social activities to endless homework assignments and exams, it is often impossible to keep your concentration intact. And yet, memory and concentration are two key components to successful learning.

If you want to be a good college student, you must work on enhancing your memory and concentration.

5. Make Great Notes

Almost every student out there takes notes, but many do this the wrong way. Of course, there are many strategies to choose from when it comes to note taking, but there is a single rule when it comes to college students – good notes make for easy studying.

6. Master Time Management

The biggest difference between high school and college is the flexible schedule. College is the time when students become more responsible, and are expected to organize their time in a way they are able to finish everything before a set deadline.

Finding the time to squeeze in studying, writing homework and partying is not easy, but can definitely be accomplished with masterful time management.

There you have it – the 6 most successful tips for effective studying. Implement these into your college learning strategies and get on the right track from the very beginning!

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