7 Hacks To Help You Crack That Stressful Job Interview

Posted by Malavika Sharma in Careers, Specials
January 9, 2018

Most of you out there looking for jobs would definitely admit that job interviews are stressful, even scary. While nobody can cure you of the scare, I would like to share these hacks that could help you in your next interview.

1. Discover Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Don’t write down basic things like your top five strengths and weaknesses, which are interview oriented. These, at best, are just superficial.

Talk to your friends and family, your teachers and mentors and ask them what they think the real you is like. You’ll be surprised at how observant they are. Spend every minute of your day with yourself for two whole days and write about what you like and dislike about yourself. Now, make a list of at least 20 of your strengths and weaknesses ready.

2. Read About The Role You’re Interviewing For

You should know where you are applying and for what role. Many people go for an interview without knowing about the company. If you, as a candidate, can’t be serious for the company and the role you’re applying for, then why should they consider you for the job?

3. Combine Points 1 And 2

Doing this would give you the answer to the question, “Why should we hire you?” 

4. Have A Well-Formatted Resume

Most people advise you to write everything in brief and ‘speak about yourself’. In my opinion, one’s resume is the first point of selection or rejection. I believe that being a one-pager makes you ‘common’. So I think it would be helpful if you would write 2-3 pages about yourself.

5. Get a Hobby You Can Write About

Many parents and teachers forget to push young people towards anything besides their grades. Spend some time, and start making a bucket list of what you can do and start doing it. Each month, try to do three or four new things. Figure out what you like and sustain that hobby.

A hobby on your resume simply tells the person interviewing you that you have something to look forward to, beyond your job. Just a word of caution – if you say singing is your hobby on your resume – then ensure that you can sing!

6. Focus On Developing New And Complimentary Skills

Things like good writing skills in English could be a plus point for you. Learning a foreign language, for example, Chinese, may also help you go a long way.

7. If you Don’t Know Something, Be Honest

If the interviewer looks disappointed or aggressively questions you about not knowing a basic thing, be calm and simply say that you don’t know and will look up more information about the topic.

This shall highlight your integrity, your ability to be calm under pressure, and also your need to learn and improve. Remember, no one knows everything.

I wish you all the very best for your next interview.

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