Trends That Influence Mobile App Development in Future

Posted by Aanchal Kaura
January 23, 2018

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With a large number of people downloading mobile and smartphone applications every other day, Mobile App Development has definitely become as one of the inventive and vigorously growing sectors. Social media, Google apps and gaming apps are ruling the mobile application market. Moreover, numerous giants are using mobile applications to engage more customers, for direct marketing, for branding and among many other reasons; App Development Companies in India are moving towards the mobile trend. An efficient mobile approach is a lot more than mobile-friendly website. The mobile application is driven by the advancements in technology; hence companies must have a vision for the future few years.

1. Cloud Technology


When you listen to the phrase ‘cloud storage’, names that come very first to your mind are Google Drive and Dropbox. The large amount of people is moving their databases to cloud-storage decision.  It allows the users for having access to their databases from anywhere in the world, despite the risk of losing data.

With cloud technology, the application works similar as the native app, but works on the server rather than your device. This means that it uses a nominal amount of storage space on your smart device. A large number of app development companies are making use cloud technology applications as it is easier to use and extremely reliable.

2. Mobility and Location Sensing


Almost every mobile that we use today have location sensor capabilities as well as motion sensing. Location sensing plays a pivotal role in Vehicle navigation, Games, Geotagging and fitness apps. Motion sensing apps are used mainly in anti-theft, security, power-saving and games.

Apps that provides exact indoor location rely on the technologies such as, geomagnetic, ultrasonic beacons, imaging and Wi-Fi, but after some years technologies comprising smart lighting will become essential. The app development trends are coming with inventive features and is expected to amaze the mobile and technology buffs later on in the future.

3. Internet of Things (IOT)


In the upcoming years, it is expected that over 5 billion of people will make use of IoT technology in some or the other form. This means that you will use an app on your smart devices for controlling the things, such as house appliances, LED light bulbs, medical devices and many more.

Your smart device will be operated as a remote control while analyzing and displaying the information. Hence, over time, many people will join in and start making use of IoT technology.

4. Mobile Commerce


According to some predictors, positive trend in mobile purchase will be going to stay for some more years as the majority of consumers has shifted towards Mobile Commerce. With the app increasing productivity of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, buying stuff using mobile phones rather than cards and all will become common and simpler. But, for this, workforce of mobile app development has to come up with a mobile application that can process the transactions without requiring physical debit and credit cards or even cash. Moreover, in the age of wearables proficient of processing payments, Mobile Commerce will take a complete varied shape.

App Development Companies believe in making mobile apps that are not only good looking, but are impressive, engaging, inspiring and noteworthy.

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