January 28, 2018

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UNCERTAINTY, UNCERTAINTY, UNCERTAINTY, The Only word that describes CRICKET the best. Wow What a series. Truly Unpredictable. Inconsistent batting, Inconsistent fielding, Inconsistent hosts, Inconsistent Visitors, Yet 120/120 Scalps – First time ever in the Cricket history. The Series ended up on the same note on which it started. It started with the Protease losing quick wickets and ended up the same. Though the visitors have lost the series in the 2nd Game itself in the series of 3. Yet They bounced back in the 3rd Test and clinched a much awaited victory. If we talk about the fact that made difference between the two, was building partnership. Only 3 Century Partnerships in 12 complete innings and all came from the host side. The lower middle order batting also made the crucial difference for both the sides with Bhuvaneshwar & Ashwin playing the role for India and Philander & Rabada for South Africa. Both the pairs played 400 odd balls each through out the series and provided the required strength to the batting line up which were full of Big Names both the sides. Above all, the series which was never predictable yet looking like a clean sweep for the visitors ended up with 2-1 giving the visitors their one of the memorable victory to be equally ranked with Leeds 2002, Perth 2008 and Lords 2014. With this victory, Virat kohli got ranked just below Dhoni when it comes to winning Test matches for India with 21 wins for both Kohli and Ganguly each. Dhoni tops the list with 27 wins. Well, The Team selection was also questioned through out the Series, Remember, first 2 tests were competed evenly for most of the time and who knows India might have won the series with a more sensible team selection. But the series is over and only talking can be done now which never going to change the result. But we should never forget “Every Ending is the beginning of Something”. And Test series might have end but we have ODI series from 1st of the next month, which is completely different from this genre of game. So, Best of all their Luck to Team INDIA for their next venture.

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