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War against period shaming

Posted by Mehak Arora
January 16, 2018

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God made girls to have monthly periods, So that a woman could use 9 months period blood to paint an unborn child, not to make them face the Menstrual Taboo.

This process is as natural as eating, breathing, sleeping, drinking and no doubt it’s the most beautiful process. Without this process existence was impossible. There is no human race without it. Yet most of us feel Hatred talking about it in Public. Even in 21st century Women have to hide their Sanitary Pad while on their way to washroom. So that no one could know it’s their-“Special time of the Month”

Now imagine- What would happen if magically “Men could menstruate and women could not?” The views will surely be one sided —“And Suddenly Menstruation will become Macho and Masculine Process”. Truly A Sign of Patriarchal Society, Isn’t It? What a paradox of time? The process that assists a woman in giving birth to a man is still under the list of Shameful processes.

Despite of so many people bawling about Women Empowerment, Menstrual taboo successfully travelled through centuries. Prohibition from entering into the Kitchen or Temple, Restriction from touching the pickle, Curtailment from sleeping on the bed, etc. are the innumerable stigmas that are thriving in many parts of the India.

In India, Bindi and Sindoor are exempted from tax whereas the tax of 12% is levied on Sanitary Pads. Women belonging to the weaker sections still use rags for sanitation. India cannot have real women empowerment when young menstruating girls still miss school for six days a month due to lack of affordability of sanitary napkins.

The reason behind such a plight is lack of awareness and initiatives. The need of an hour is to openly educate the masses regarding menstruation cycle. Male section of the society should be taught to give respect to the women out there. It is important to create awareness for the use of sanitary napkins. Government and NGO’s need to launch awareness program against the inhumane stigma. Special camps should be organized from where sanitary napkins could be made available to the ones who are unable to afford.

It is high time to fight the war against Stereotypical thinking. So as to root out the problem of Period Shaming.

Inspired by the theme of upcoming Movie PADMAN




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