Was my heart blocked or hacked? by Tabasum Biswas

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January 15, 2018

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The novel, Was my heart blocked or hacked? is not a sudden idea but a long persistent work that I have been looking forward to share. During the thought of writing and habit of playing with words, somewhere down the line, I want it to be realistic and materialistic. Dream of everyone holding a hardcover book of your words is fantastic. This very bold penchant for writing gave me the strength to move ahead from “pen-pal” to a complete book of my own thoughts.

Interestingly while I was writing it, I had no idea where to start from because there was so much to tell and learn. But as it is said, you don’t have to be great to start, just start to be great, I followed that only.

This novel particularly deals with trust issues, the freedom when you are single and when you get into a relationship. Here I am, bringing an updated version of fairy tales from movies to real life. A complete thrilling love story where everything is pre-planned from getting the girl whom he had seen few times to getting serious and doing off bounds things for her. Making her feel special every single day to wait for her one single yes, that can change their life. From waiting outside the school gate by bunking his own school and pedaling of his cycle to match the speed of her scooty to standing in scalding hot summer without food for more than 15 hours. From making a duplicate key of his own roof and jumping, sliding through the pipe, making his way to her home to standing long till 11:30 p.m. to wish her new year. He just wanted to see her, and he stood all night in front of her house. She was looking for someone serious and he was the one. She felt she had run the whole gamut of human emotions of joy in one day and further each day when he was with her.

He did take away her heart with his consistency, but what was stopping her?

At the later stage, after a couple of months, they were together but then what happened?

Why was everything ruined?

Why was it killing her time and emotion?

A slight shift of character where someone admits to be a liberal person, but ultimately by the end becomes a complete stranger. Why he became untraceable? Why there was grime on the beautiful relation that she everyone dreamed of.

Did she get out from this strangulating situation? To find out why the relation became feeble, grab your personal copy from Blur Rose Store, Amazon, Flipkart, and Shopclues.

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