Ways To Make The Most Of A Business School Experience

Posted by Roma Arora
January 31, 2018

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How does one make the most of a business school experience? Is it through a textbook-focused approach? Or is it through networking and not focusing on your grades?

The reality is that it’s a mix of multiple factors. You need to network, study, participate in group activities and ace university projects. What happens sometimes is that students clear MBA requirements in the first go and enjoy their experience so much that they forget to network or participate in projects. Other times, they struggle in the classroom but excel in projects and field experience.

Here are 3 great ways to make the most of the MBA experience –

  1. Network strategically: You need to be able to get out of your comfort zone and participate in multiple events, activities and groups so that you can enhance your network profile. When you genuinely take interest in someone’s interest you can form a bond with them that lasts a lifetime. You can also create multiple levels of networks with different industry players and innovative students on-campus. Ensure that you’re getting enough time for studying though so that you can create a solid impact in the classroom as well.
  2. Avoid distractions: There may be multiple distractions that students might fall into, including entertainment, procrastination, out-of-college visits, etc. Students must understand that a quality MBA education is enhanced by the amount of time you invest in it. At IILM, we insist that students focus on the skills that really matter and invest time wisely. With some of our best college graduates investing long hours in the curriculum and receiving a degree with top honours. An education from one of the best colleges offering an MBA in Delhi, is only enhanced by the amount of time students invest in the college as well.
  3. Focus on real-world experience: You can get a lot of real-world experience on campus itself. There are multiple professors and researchers that desire candidates to accompany them in their work, as well as take over certain aspects of their projects. Students need to understand that one of the key MBA requirements, is that they obtain some form of real-world experience that they can add to their resume. Focusing on experiences that will enrich your resume, is critical.

Students must focus on becoming well-rounded individuals so that they can manage projects, lead teams and build business after graduation. A key specialisation, a solid network and a plethora of real-world experiences will enhance a student’s profile for years to come.

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