what plan of action should be implemented to get a freelance job

Posted by sachinreddy125
January 17, 2018

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A person who seeks freelance telecom jobs should be someone well enough trained in the field that they seek employment.

I want you to pay close attention to the following statement.

Never, ever, undervalue time taken to plan. Never.

For each of those 30 days before I quit my activity I had a goal. Sometimes that goal was to email a relevant contact in my field asking for advice. Sometimes that goal was to expand my system by X number of individuals, answer a certain number of questions, or attend a meetup.

And sometimes it was simply to plan out the following stages.

For each of those 30 days I recorded my trials and tribulations into a short (frequently emotional) blog entry, charting my high points and low points in that final month before taking the leap.

I also carefully drafted and redrafted a personal business plan , including my financial requirements, goals, and how I suspected that would actually translate into work. I realized that if I landed the equivalent of 2 short activities a month, I could survive. Well barely, however it’s great to know where your survival limit is, because when there is no other options, it’s accomplish that goal or be stuck eating dry toast for a month.

Unless you’re one of these eternally adventurous sorts, freelancing is unpleasant as a hand-to-mouth game. No one picks this path with the goal of living on a financial knife edge. And coincidentally, it’s alright to be scared, in fact if you’re not, you’re either invincible or a good for nothing, so keep your eyes open, know your limits, and plan accordingly.

I also utilized this as another reason to develop my system, reaching out to specialists in my industry to ask for advice:

How much should I charge?

Where do I best find my clients?

How difficult is it to close a deal?

Should I template my pitches or create new ones without fail?

This created an opportunity to learn, improve and consummate the skills I would require in a month while growing a power-system of professionals in the field. Two birds in a single stone at its finest!

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