Who is to be blamed?

Posted by Anupreet Kaur
January 11, 2018

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Who is to be blamed?
We do blame others…
Obviously..that’s human psychology
It’s easy to blame others
Ever tried taking it to yourself?

So who is to be blamed?

The education system?
For the way it is
For the way it kills our creativity
And what just matters are numbers
These few papers and mere digits are not everything we are…
We are much more than that

The parents?
For pressurising us to opt for science and become an engineer or a doctor
Cause for most of them their societal uplift matters more instead of their child’s dreams
I wonder how many parents actually bothered to ask once to their child…Just once in their life…that what they wanna be?

The students?
As what they care about is likes and followers
And how to be a part of the class’s cool gang
Make fun of nerdies
And please get over alcohol and your so called true love and relationships
A relationship is not just about baby honey and sweety
And You have way tooo much time for that in your life
Ever tried thinking about yourself…
Who you are and
what do you want to be?

Or the society?
By just rating them on the basis of their scores
Every single person in the society will be ready to give you suggestions of what should you do after school
But ever tried listening to us?
What we want in life?
Have you tried thinking
If given a chance what we can do?
Whenever we talk about a social issue…we are told to shutup by saying- you merely know anything so stay out of it

And guess what…over the night when we finally become an adult you expect us to know everything

Like how?

Yeah I know…the society is working that way since decades but this has to a stop

And someone has to do it

We don’t to study to learn something new but
We study for the sake of scoring more
We study for the sake of being financially stable

Is this what life is all about?

Being financially stable and earn a living?

No right?

Well for that you have to stop running for money and don’t be so single minded
And learn to raise your voice
You don’t have to shutup
And be your elder’s puppets
Raise your voice in a way
That they are compelled to listen to your view points
Prove them what we can do if given a chance
But yeah respect them at the same time

And well it is a beautiful world with great people

But To see that you just have to make some efforts and change your perspective towards life

   -An Indian student

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