Why do some young educated Indians still believe in the Caste System?

Posted by Dipesh Karade
January 23, 2018

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As normal Dalit student from India, I faced discrimination because of my caste, and therefore on my experience till date I can definitely assure you that not a single educated Indian believe in caste system today,

Yes, you heard me right, let me repeat myself for you, you can’t find a single well educated Indian who Discriminates people on the basis of their caste. It’s true. Yet you may find many “literate” Indians who still believe in age old caste system.

There’s a difference in literate and educated, many Indians are from great institutions of india but not all of them well educated, whereas others are just simple aware of the society they are part of…..

I can give you an example, actually I can give you two examples one for the well educated, and another example is of well literate.

Amitabh soni who left his job of British government came back India to work for upliftment of tribal village in Madhya Pradesh, as a grandson of city mayor, son of army General, you can still easily find him working in tribal areas of those villages. These are his pictures and Facebook profile link : Amitabh Soni

As a WELL educated indian he believes for the upliftmenmt of all people, on his return every part of socity welcomed him whole heartedly, but he chose to be wtih the most discriminated people of the society, he chose to work with tribals.

Another example is of Dr. Summit Patra you can see him screaming on national television, as a honoraly director of ONGC now you can easily Google his YouTube video describing good Indians and ‘bad’ Indians which states lower caste people have lower IQs and its their fault.

By observing their work you can easily distinguish difference between well educated and well literate Indian and the difference of moral ethics they got for their fellow Indians.

I met amitabh soni ji in young leaders conclave which was a initiative of indiaspeakingforum


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