Watch Why India Really Doesn’t Need Aadhar

Posted by Ashish Ranjan in Politics, Specials
January 24, 2018

I would like to clear few doubts in the context of Aadhar. Often I hear from my friends that Aadhar will reduce corruption. Whenever they cite an example, the corruption in MGNREGA turns up. They believe Aadhar can play a significant role in curbing corruption persisting in MGNREGA. So today I would like to speak out on the relationship between Aadhar and MGNREGA.

You must be knowing that in MGNREGA, the people living in rural India are entitled to get a job for 100 days, and they receive remuneration in lieu of their work. The wage rate varies with states (as mentioned in the official Gazette). In MGNREGA, there is MIS about which you can find on NREGA’s official website.

Once you browse the website, you will get a comprehensive knowledge of how the governments expend its funds. We will get to know the list of people who worked, the list of works done thereby getting insights on the public expenditure concerned with the same.

When workers come to work, their attendance is recorded in a muster roll. This muster roll is extracted from the MIS, and once the job is done, every detail of the work is written and uploaded in the MIS. The work of the workers is enumerated, and then they are remunerated.

And there are various ways of malpractices existing in this whole MGNREGA system.

Watch this video, and then decide if you still think that the Aadhar is a significant tool for curbing corruption or a trojan horse that puts the sensitive information of the common public at stake.