Why Indian Bitcoin prices differ from international prices?

Posted by thegunbot
January 26, 2018

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Bitcoin activities are getting worldwide popularity as it is the first digital currency and decentralized payment system over the globe. Bitcoin is cryptocurrency and strong p to p network in which all transactions take place without any intermediary. Drastic growth on the bitcoins have fetched the attention of various investors towards itself and the investors started keeping the records of fluctuations of Bitcoin prices to fill their pockets with more profits even the trends are same in India however it has been noticed that  Indian Bitcoin prices differ than international markets which is also differ from the altcoin trading bot.

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Following might be reason for higher prices in India than the international Bitcoin prices

  • As there are n number of exchanges worldwide so it is obvious that prices may vary in different exchanges of different countries even at same point of time. Even some time difference of Rs 20,000 might be noticed at same time in India and other international prices.
  • Sometime prices are higher in India due to users’ buying and selling behavior. Sometime due to lack of sellers prices continue to increase and even buying prices also get high due to less buyers and even due to their discouraging buying behavior
  • Sometime market behavior also makes difference in the prices when the markets become more volatile than usual then price difference among the exchanges including Indian and international get increase. Opposite to this when the volatility in market get low then the price difference also becomes lesser.
  • Even demand and supply of Bitcoin in India also affect the Indian Bitcoin prices as sometime In India prices increase due to higher demand and consequently increase in supply. Even due to lesser demand and supply on some days Bitcoin prices in India get lower than international prices
  • Reflection of volatility market means the difference of buy and sell price also can make difference in the prices of two countries. This reflection is also called spread as sometime the difference between buy and sell price become more due to bigger news in the market and sudden volatility and this difference reduces at the time of stability in the market.

All in all, there is not any one reason to be accused for the higher or sometime lower prices in Indian Bitcoin cryptocurrency markets but the user buying and selling behavior can control this difference and users can take more or less profits from Bitcoin markets whether in India or internationally with their control behaviors.

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