How Passengers Protested Against A Drunk Ticket Examiner At Kanpur Station

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January 11, 2018

A very out-of-the-ordinary ruckus was witnessed at the Kanpur Central railway station, when the train passengers complained against an inebriated travelling ticket examiner (TTE) in their own not-so-unusual style. But it was more like a democratic protest.

It is vital to note that the protest by the lady travellers in the running train gained momentum with every passenger’s support.

What they seriously opposed was the overcharging done by the pantry car delivery service. Was it a wrong complaint? The TTE expressed uncivil words. “Sit silently, otherwise you will be thrown out of the train,” warned the drunken ticket examiner in the reserved bogey of the New Delhi-bound Purvottar Sampark Kranti Express.

The travelling passengers merely tried to apprise the TTE of the overcharging of the food items, but the railway staff in the black coat went to the extent of intimidating them. Angered passengers burst into a rage over the rude behaviour of the drunken person, following the train’s arrival at the Central station here on January 8, 2018.

Two lady passengers of the sleeper coach number 6 complained the TTE of this very anomaly persisting in the train. Both the ladies did not understand why the TTE was using such a harsh language unnecessarily. Was he displaying the most comfortable illusion of power?

The passengers’ anger and annoyance at the station were genuine. On the other hand, the TTE was in no way right and accurate with his terrible words. They were totally clueless when they came across such behaviour of the railways department.

They feared it was some kind of test. Their approach towards complaining against the TTE turned to a different direction. After all, he merely tormented them with an act he would eventually stop in time.

This train runs between Assam and New Delhi. It was running 32 hours late. The train started its journey from Guwahati on January 6 and reached Kanpur on January 8.

On the rude manner of the ticket examiner, the passengers were enraged and created a ruckus at the Central station here. The disgruntled passengers even resorted to chain-pulling two times. It was more about resentment than the adventure of stopping the train.

The RPF and the GRP personnel rushed to the station and pacified the agitating passengers. Without initiating any suitable action, the railways officials were seen to be more interested in the departure of the train.


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