How A 35-Year-Old Auto Driver Is Helping Make Mumbai Greener

Posted by Amit Narar in Environment, Inspiration, Specials
January 12, 2018

Anil S Dubey, a 35-year-old Mumbaikar, who works 14 hours a day on his auto-rickshaw dropping passengers in the best possible way across the city, has a ‘green thumb’.

On a usual Wednesday morning, his day started on Mira Road. However, he was inspired to deliver 25 tree saplings and then plant them in a plush housing society in Andheri West. He has strong financial needs. But, his love for the environment and the need to plant trees motivated him to participate in the Mission Green Mumbai tree plantation drive by offering his help to plant all the 25 tree saplings.

“There is so much construction happening in Mumbai, and the roads are not good either. If the citizens get a ‘greener’ ride, then travelling will be easier,” says Anil Dubey.  According to Subhajit Mukherjee, the founder of Mission Green Mumbai, “Mr Dubey did not even take his rickshaw far away. Instead, he worked with us planting trees till the evening. This is how Mumbaikars are. The whole team was inspired by his passion to make Mumbai a greener city.”

“We often come across such ‘Mumbai heroes’ whose goodness should be appreciated and awarded,” said Dr Pradeep Tripathi, the founder of Green Yatra, which is supporting the Mission Green Mumbai initiative to plant 1 crore saplings in Mumbai. The campaign, “Each One Teach One to Plant One”, is gaining momentum where 30,000+ trees are supposed to be planted by individuals across Mumbai.

Looking forward to see more such ‘green heroes’ like Anil Dubey to join the Mission Green Mumbai.

If you wish to plant trees with them, then drop an email at