Women’s Education In India

Posted by Salil Sharma in Women Empowerment
January 16, 2018

It is said that to worship women is to worship goddesses. Since ancient times, women were referred to as ‘home lakshmi’ or the goddess of one’s home.

In ancient times, special emphasis was given to women’s education. But then, the situation of women became pathetic. Her life was confined to the walls of the house. Woman were forced to stay behind curtains. There are two wheels in the chariot – for men and women. So, it is necessary for women to be educated along with men.

If a mother is educated, her children are likely to be well-educated. An educated housewife can help with her husband’s affairs, run the family smoothly. Women will become financially self-reliant through education. It will allow them to be conscious of their rights and duties.

Ethical education is also very important for women. Women should also be able to contribute to social service. As it is, Women contribute a lot to society. They should not only be allowed to bring up children but also be educated to handle jobs and compete equally with men in every field. Men should never underestimate women and they should always be respected.

Like I mentioned earlier, women were once worshipped as gods in Indian society but then slowly, more and more restrictions were placed on her life.

If a woman is educated, she can learn to become financially independent and be cognizant of her rights.