Women Empowering Women

Posted by Anam Farhat
January 23, 2018

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Beauty. Profession. Family. Parenthood. Dating.

Stereotypes prevail in all the domains of life. For both men & women.

Although a lot of women could be vocal about them, their subtle agreements and disagreements reinforce the biases in our day to day life.

These stereotypes are so ingrained within all of us, that a few degrees of shift makes us feel uncomfortable and seem abnormal.

A woman who maybe mocked on shying away from putting makeup, affecting her confidence

A woman who is reminded that pursuing a career does not make her less responsible for traditional household chores

A woman who is made to feel guilty for leaving her baby at home in order to resume her career

All the mocking, reminders and guilt-causing snide remarks come from her own female friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.

Only if women support & empower each other by breaking stereotypes rather than imposing or reinforcing them, the world would be a kinder place to live in.

Let’s not have each other go through what you had to go through. Thus making life little less difficult to create our own path.

Here is a video of 3 women facing stereotypes by other women, with an alternate situation for each of them that could have made them feel better.




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