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Work life Balance – Lets create life !!!

Posted by Ashima Mathur
January 16, 2018

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It’s my life… It’s now or never !!! The moment I sat on to thinking about life, this song by Bon Jovi started to buzz into my head blocking every other though that wanted to emerge. So going by this, indeed my life is something that I have created over the years, that I am creating right now and what I will keep on creating in the time to come. My life will be exactly what I create. Which means the first step that I need to take is to responsibly accept the fact that I am a creator, who is essentially supposed to manage every little component of his creation. And one significant part of this life is my work.

The universe is huge and is filled up with many many concepts like things, relationships, ideas, desires, resources, and so much more. As a creator I decide at the onset what all such concepts will be part of my life. This identification and acceptance of essential concepts is called value system. Sadly, our value system is made sub cautiously in most cases; like our upbringing, surrounding, education etc. A person who cautiously chooses the ingredients of his life is called a wise person. Now once we choose these ingredients, where we consider work to be an important one our job then is to balance all of the ingredients well. By balancing I don’t essentially mean tackling all of them, by balancing I mean all of the components of our life, however small they are must be in their correct format. For instance, in the tussle of professional world to earn more and more to provide a comfortable life to our families we consider our health only when something goes wrong. Or while running to chase ambitious desires, relationships take a backseat. It’s important to realise that every component of your life is important. You cannot even prioritise between them. The moment you decide any one of the components is not a priority, or as important or you take it for granted, it starts to pull away which creates dis balance sooner or later.

The moment you accept everything is a priority and that everything is equally important, your job is done. You will automatically judge the situation well and do the right thing to bring sanctity to everything. The respect you show towards the beauty of every aspect of your life will be rewarded boundlessly. Just like a Mother, care for the quality of your life, without any bias. Life will bless you with happiness !!!

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