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Y(eS) me!

Posted by Ina Thakral
January 29, 2018

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                         Life is a journey, sometimes fraught with challenges. For some, it might be filled with innumerable unpleasant situations. However, for some, it might be a smooth sailing journey filled with luck and joy. However, this difference is superficial if only we accept the challenges and confront them head-on. We have the innate potential to transform any situation. It all begins with the “willingness” to do so. The same has been portrayed by great time revolutionaries of all times in the fields of technology, science etc.

                         Successful people are the ones who did taste failures and never gave up. Challenges are bound to be there if one sets towards achievement of dreams. They are infact a testimony to the fact that we are sailing in the right direction. It brings to us the choice of responses – either complain and begrudge the situation with “(wh)Y me” or being grateful towards the challenges with “Yes me”, the challenges that gave us more opportunities to refine ourselves and be closer towards victory. This is what sets apart the successful people. They replaced their complains with gratitude.

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