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Posted by Arpita Sharma
January 26, 2018

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When your mind is all messed up and life doesn’t seem right you tend to vent out that stress in someway or other .

Sometimes you blame yourself for everything that happens and sometimes you cheer yourself up that it is gonna be fine .

When we feel bad, everything on earth apparently turns against us ( in our mind obviously) :p when someone encourages us , those words are no less than a fictional character for our mind.

I kick walls ,punch myself and shout  and i still feel low. Then when i m back to the normal mode i re think and that’s when i realise most of the times we make it up in our head.

All we go through ,all that happens and all that seems wrong … is temporary!

Only you can motivate your own self . When you are happy and sorted  that is when you see what beauty you are and how loved you are.

No one but it is you who matters .

Your loved ones would always love you and you can always love yourself more than you do now.

There has to be something which is meant to be yours.. be it a person or a career or a talent and to find it all you need is to be happy

The aura around you is what you make it.

A human is designed so beautifully that you can genuinely change your fate and fight bad times easily.

Start positive

Stay positive

Much love❤

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