Women, You Can’t Use These Excuses To Skip The Gym Anymore

Posted by Vitamin Stree in Body Image, Health and Life, Video
January 10, 2018

Every New Year starts off with ‘New Year, New Me’ but before you know it resolutions are broken and long forgotten.

Fitness is one of the most popular resolutions and it always starts off with renewed gym memberships and fresh new music playlists. But how long does this really last?

I’m on my period”, “I don’t want to bulk up“, “I’m not losing weight anyway” – these are some of the most common excuses used by people to skip their workout and sleep in.

But guess what?

Working out on your period is actually good for you in many ways, with some exceptions to this rule.

Women don’t produce enough testosterone to bulk up that easily so lifting those weights is only going to help you in building your strength.

Weight loss is a ‘Calories-in’ v/s ‘Calories-out’ concept so working out does not mean that you can eat anything.

Watch our new video to know more about these common fitness myths and then put on your shoes and go achieve those squat goals!