3 Reasons Internships Are A Must For A Flourishing Career

Posted by Muskaan Arora in Careers
February 20, 2018

Recently, this concept of internships is claimed as an essential to be seen as a ‘desirable’ employee of your future firm, but the question is, are internships really necessary?

According to Wikipedia, “An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organisation for a limited period of time. Once confined to medical graduates, the term is now used for a wide range of placements within businesses, non-profit organisations and government agencies. They are typically undertaken by students and graduates looking to gain relevant skills and experience in a particular field.” And we thoroughly believe that these internships are crucial in framing a potential employee for the future.

Why? Well, here are three reasons why you might want to apply this summer!

Internships Help In Picking The Most Suitable Career

A lot of people are often perplexed about their careers and especially students who have a pool of options in front of them. Internships often help students to decide their future forte. You might wonder how does this happen, right? Well, as they are usually for a limited period of time, thus, a scope of flexibility is always in hand as the novice can explore multiple categories of work from finance to design to whatever they want to try out. This helps in obtaining an extensive outline of all the existing avenues and then deciding the most suitable path for the aspirant.

So, for those who have certain doubts about their career options, it would be a good move to delve into various internships, see how different industries function. Then simply choose the line that you feel most comfortable with and start framing your career!

Makes You An Attractive Job Prospect

It’s a pretty well know fact that employers have certain expectations out of the candidates who apply for certain jobs, and it is often desirable that the prospects should be well acquainted with the sphere of work they wish to pursue in the future, so that they have a smaller gestation period in that firm and require less training. As these companies are always in a state of competition, they always are in favour of hiring the ones who demand less investment in terms of time and capital.

So, it’s said without a doubt, that internships are the best way to gain that required knowledge and experience. These internships are merely a projection of the profession that one will practice in the later years. The people who already have had a first-hand glimpse into the field of their respective choice, are given an edge over others in interviews. Because of the prior understanding they come with, these interns are usually thought to be already well-acquainted with the industry and are hence being prioritized over those who haven’t interned in that domain.

Exposure, Network Building And A Boost To The CV

Coming to the personal aspects of internships, it is quite apparent that these jobs add to one’s skill sets. Stepping into the real world gives the person a wide-angled view of the corporate culture, and obviously a platform to receive exposure in terms of work ethics, communication skills, and an impression of the forthcoming scenario.

Internships surely are advantageous for developing one’s personality too, and that is quite vital nowadays as along with an aptitude, companies also look at the dexterity, competence and an overall persona of their prospective employee. Meeting many professionals or experts from various enterprises would not only help in boosting confidence, but also would facilitate a strong network of significant contacts which might come in handy any time.

And last but not the least, internships do beautify our Curriculum Vitae (CV), which again becomes highly important as a strong CV would get you through the preliminary screening round of interviews.

To wrap up, it’s safe to say that internships are the best way to gain new skills, learn new things and get a good experience. So, owing to the benefits that it offers, it is in the best interest of students to look for internships that suit their interests and then pick, as this process would surely help them to prosper in the future.