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5 Questions To Ask The Modi Government Before The 2019 General Elections

Posted by Tejas Joshi in Politics
February 27, 2018

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has almost completed four years in power. What came in as a massive victory for the centre-right coalition later transformed into generic political milestone as the government failed to deliver on their major promises.  Ache din are still a distant dream for the middle class. Although Prime Minister Modi has succeeded so far in keeping his image intact through his fierce speeches, his popularity seems to be decreasing rapidly. As we move further in 2018, we will again be subjected to new promises and promises to fulfill the promises made in 2014. This eventually brings us to the point of realisation where we need to stand up and ask these important questions to Modi Government-

1) What Happened To The One Crore New Jobs That Narendra Modi Claimed To Give?

Narendra Modi picked up the topic of unemployment and kept hammering it during all his speeches in 2014. He also promised to provide one crore new jobs if the BJP came to power. What followed that? The BJP came to power but NaMo never delivered on the promise of employment. Let creating new jobs be aside, people had to lose their existing jobs due to demonetization, which brings us to the next question –

2) Did Demonetization Achieve What It Was Supposed To?

Why is the RBI still processing collected currency?

What came as a shocker on November 8 2016 was the elimination of the 500 and 1000 currency notes from daily use. The whole nation was lined up in front of bank counters and ATMs. Narendra Modi successfully convinced the country that it was for their own good. The emotional touch up has always worked for the PM. Later, when the RBI announced that 99% of the banned currency notes had returned, the Modi government changed its stand. What began as an attack on black money holders, later kept fluctuating between digital payment, fake currency, increased rate of IT collection and what not. Demonetization was supposed to bring out the hidden illegal money and to make people realise that they won’t be able to chicken out by fooling law and order. Did demonetization achieve it’s goal? Not at all.

3) Was The Ministry Of Finance Unaware When Nirav Modi Kept Getting Money From PNB?

The banking sector is collapsing due to unaccounted and hefty amounts given to businessmen. But why is Vijay Mallya still roaming free?

The Vijay Mallya story wasn’t even fully heard when the Punjab National Bank (PNB )fraud came into light. What baffles the commoner is without any political interference how did the PNB keep providing Letters of Understanding (LOU) to Nirav Modi without even accounting the amount given to him?

Was Ministry of Finance sleeping when these LOU were sanctioned. If this doesn’t strike a chord for you, I am not sure what will. Nirav Modi fled away and is inaugurating his new show rooms abroad. Never in the history of free India, was the government this helpless or do we say ‘helpful’?

4) Why Is The PM Not Willing To Appear In Press Conferences?

It’s time to address the elephant in the room. The media and news channels have messed it up big time. Journalism is in splits as political parties clearly own them and run them. If journalists like Ravish Kumar, Abhisar Sharma, Vinod Dua, Faye D’souza etc., are kept aside, the others seems to be too scared or too impressed by the government. Narendra Modi has not appeared in a single press conference since becoming the PM. The couple of interviews that he recently gave, were given to those channels who are clearly a right wing sympathizers. Is the PM afraid of taking tough questions? Does the BJP want to hide behind the news channels that support them?

5) Why Has Judge Loya’s Case Been Ignored By The Government?

When The Caravan broke the story regarding Judge Loya’s death, there was a frightening silence in Delhi. People were talking in hushes. However, the story was still followed up even after the pressure the journalist could have been subjected to. If there’s ever been a similar high profile case where the prime accused wasn’t from the BJP, it would have run on all news channels. The story that The Caravan broke was only broadcast on NDTV? Why? Even after the couple of judges came out in open and asked a probe in Judge Loya’s death, news channels stayed quiet. Some even blamed the judges of being left wing sympathizers.

There are many more questions which need answers from the government. If we are going to be so frantically silent even after noticing the misuse of power, then God forbid us.