5 Reasons to Attend Ashoka University’s Annual Fest ‘Banjaara’

Posted by Simran Nandrajog in Campus Watch
February 20, 2018

Last year, Ashoka University hosted the inaugural edition of its annual inter-collegiate festival, “Banjaara”. Over 50 colleges from all over India took part in the fest that lasted for 36 hours, made popular by the hashtag ‘DedhDin.’ From its theme of ‘backpacking’ to the parties and performances, “Banjaara” was met with a positive response from students and participants alike.

This year too, “Banjaara” promises to be an exciting event, and here are five things you should look forward to at Ashoka University’s annual fest:

1) A Trip Down The Memory Lane

Last year, the theme of “Banjaara” was backpacking. This year it’s memory lane or childhood. While many of us wish to go back to the carefree days of our childhood, “Banjaara” will give you the chance to recreate your childhood memories through various events and games lined up.

2) Artists

Last year, the fest saw performances from bands such as “Indus Creed” and “Soulmate” light up the event. This year, expect artists such as Parekh and Singh, a pop duo from Kolkata, and singer-songwriter Raghav Meattle to put up a good show.

3) Informal Events

While the formal events include competitions such as stage play, photography, stand up challenge and battle of the bands, the informal events consist of various fun games and activities to let people bond and enjoy. So, in case you aren’t participating in any competition, there is an option to head out towards the informal events section and take part in 4X4 football, Beyblade fights, pithoo (seven stones) and other games to help bring out your inner child.

4) Human Library

One of the best things at any college fest is the chance to meet and make friends with people from other colleges and universities. During “Banjaara”, you will get the chance to take part in a ‘human library’, where people can share their stories in random, one to one conversations. You can either sign up to be a book, that is, share your story or just listen.

5) Social Impact

A major issue that students at Ashoka face daily is the high volume of waste produced daily in the form of plastic. Since there would be a large number of people on campus during “Banjaara”, the students have come up with various sustainable alternatives to make the fest an environment-friendly one. Initiatives such as using recycled items for decoration and biodegradable cutlery for the food stalls, and inviting local artisans and NGOs, the college aims to keep wastage minimal.

There are many more things to look forward to at “Banjaara”, such as People Stops, where the different clubs and societies at Ashoka University will be putting up their work and the famous Red Cart Biryani of Sonipat, along with exciting cash prizes to be won for various competitions.

Still not convinced? Book your calendars for February 24 and 25, and register at here to find out.