7 Things To Remember While Travelling To China For The First Time

Posted by Racheal Jones
February 21, 2018

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Huānyíng lái dào zhōngguó. Confused much? Worry not! The charming country of China welcomes you. With these just being words, the country has immense beauty and attractions which attract globetrotters across the globe to confuse them too, but in a much more elegant way.


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7 Things to Remember While Travelling To China for The First Time

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you visit the land of the red dragon before you apply for your china visa:


  1. The magical experience of chopsticks.


Eating through chopsticks is an art. While you enjoy trying to feast on a bowl of rice with these, there is something to look out for as well. Never leave your chopsticks upright in your rice bowl, as the act is considered rude by the localities and is related to funeral ceremonies, when the family of the deceased leaves the chopsticks on their tombs, as an act of feeding them in the afterlife.



  1. China appreciates the notes.


China is certainly a developed nation when it comes to technology. But the use of cards for payment methods is not much appreciated. A majority of people deal only in cash and hence its always advisable to keep your pockets jingling at all times. However, when it comes to cards, UnionPay is generally preferred as the ideal gateway.



  1. Loyalty is in the air in China.


Seafood attractions and a wide range of cuisines is a sure attraction in China, but refrain yourself from paying tips to the waiters. Chinese people are hardworking who do not accept any such obligations and hence teaching everybody a very valuable lesson of being committed and devoted towards work.  


  1. Be careful while giving out gifts.


Oh, you have the wrong thinking there. People in China love gifts, obviously. Who doesn’t? But there are certain things which one should not give away as gifts in China since they are considered unlucky, Chrysanthemum flowers being the primary one. The word ‘san’ is used in the local language to refer to umbrellas, which should also be avoided while giving away gifts, as ‘san’ means to split up in Chinese.


  1. Don’t try to bid in when hosted by a localite.


The act of sharing the bill in restaurants is considered a bad deed and the host might be offended. Never start ordering the food yourself if you are not the host, as this act is considered rude again.



  1. Avoiding physical contact.


The Chinese prefer the ideal way of greeting someone by nodding their heads rather than hugging or handshaking. The other acts of bowing down or hugging are not very common in the nation. Head is considered a sacred place in some of the cities, so it’s advisable not to pat somebody on the head until you are very sure of whom they are.


  1. Never talk about irrelevant topics.


The Chinese people don’t prefer being talked about and being compared to Japan. The Chinese history is surely rich, but seeing it all from a different view might make them feel offended. Try and keep the conversations friendly.



China is a beautiful nation to be in which offers some unique experiences in it. It is indeed a dream destination.


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