A college in Kolkata bans feeding food or water to Dogs to create “Healthy” Environment

Posted by MaliniC_26
February 14, 2018

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On February 1, 2018, the administration at Lady Brabourne College issued a notice imposing a fine of ₹2000 on any student or member of the teaching and non-teaching staff if they’re found feeding food or even water to street dogs and puppies in the campus.

The administration believes this action will create a ‘healthy’ environment on the campus. Students who’ve been found to have broken the rule have faced humiliation. They’ve also paid the fine.

The dogs are suffering. A few of them have died due to starvation and dehydration. Just when you think humanity can’t get any worse, life ends up surprising you.

Here’s what a few people had to say about the notice and its aftermath:

“Two girls were fined for feeding two dogs. Teachers have discouraged and chided students for feeding the dogs,” said a Ranjani, 2nd-year student.

“They plan on starving and dehydrating the dogs on campus to create a ‘healthy’ environment instead of focusing on our awfully unhygienic washrooms, old canteen and hostel conditions”, said Aisha, a final year student.

“Even if they don’t want dogs on the campus, is this a way to get rid of them? Instead of starving them to death, why not arrange for ways to get them adopted? Out of six pups, only four are left. Puppies cannot go out of the campus and search for food. They’re stuck inside, without food and water. On what planet is trapping animals and starving them to death considered to be okay? The adult dogs are extremely thin.” said Ruma, a 1st-year student. ”

“We can’t even raise our voice in campus against this, or else the authorities won’t let us sit for our exams, and may even get us expelled”, said Alka, another frustrated final year student.

“Feeding dogs and the voiceless is a divine thing, but if you do so within the educational institution, it inbreeds the population. An institution has to see things from different perspectives and not necessarily be able to satisfy everyone in a manner that a person wants. When you hold such a high position in such type of administration, you will understand the practicalities”, says Amit Abraham, the ex-principal of Scottish Church College and a self-proclaimed ‘dog lover’.

Some students are now trying to raise funds and get the dogs sterilised, and the puppies adopted. The notice still prevails.

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