A Message to Young Unemployed Graduates-Importance Of Internships

Posted by nikhilchhajar
February 2, 2018

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Hey young graduates!

What’s the harm in doing few internships than just sitting and wasting time in hope for a job.

Internships do add value to your profile.

You get paid to learn and do things to an extent. Where else you get to do that?
Many companies pay interns more- be it in terms of money or learnings.

You build network out there.

You make connections and friends.

You get to learn many trades and trick of your streams.

You get to see about other streams too if working cross department (inter-department).

You get stipend too at most times if you are too new to be invested money as resources instead learning.

You become a potential employee for that company.

You get heard and seen by others in industry since you are working and have a proof as intern.

You also get referral and recommendations from employers and bosses future which is more valuable than your college recommendation, for next company.

Don’t waste time waiting for something which is uncertain.

Rather use time to learn things and deploy your learning through internships.

If looking for internships – I post few every week at PushTalent (a serious group with genuine Opportunity seekers). Link- https://www.facebook.com/groups/Pushtalent/

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