A Muslim Girl’s state of mind

Posted by Fiza Azam
February 4, 2018

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Being a teenager I find it really scary that even if a person stole something he would be labelled as a terrorist if he is a muslim but any other religion is never questioned. Our minority is getting more and more pressurised day by day. The news of a muslim getting brutally killed over eating something different or carrying meat sends shivers to my spine.We are told that you shouldn’t speak your mind about  the government in public even if they are doing wrong,we would be killed if we voice our opinions against them.

Where is this leading us to? Is this what we call a republic democratic India .What are they saying about equality. Even a new society close to our house isn’t giving the house to a muslim.Even in school level there is no regard to Islam,they only use hindi prayers.Our society people made a temple where constantly bhajans are sung and on national level celebrities are having problems with mere azaan.

Where is equality in India? We boast about our rich diverse constitution but who sincerely follows it? There is Criticism against ‘teen talaq’ in parliament but where are the muslim muslim representatives to debate?

Why are we in such an unfair position?What did we do wrong?

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