throwing brickbats at each other, Rahul and Modi addressed at the verge of K’taka election

Posted by Apoorva Shrivastava in Politics, Specials
February 25, 2018

On the second day of the second visit of Congress President Rahul Gandhi to Karnataka ahead of the polls, he addressed a crowd at Bijapur district. Mr Gandhi went on a tirade over the Modi government’s failure to provide education and health facilities in BJP led states. He didn’t stop there – he continued criticizing the initiatives taken by the ruling party. The well-known scheme ‘Make in India’ was also targeted by Mr Gandhi. He said, “PM Modi started Make in India, sit down India, stand up India, see right India, but every product in the market is made in China.” The jeering continued as Congress’ youngest President mentioned that the onus is on the Modi government as they disappointed the farmers by failing to waive their loans. At the same time, he applauded the state’s CM for waiving loans worth ₹800 crores as a gift to the farmers in his state.

On the other side, at Puducherry, visited by Mr Modi on the second day of his two-day tour to Tamil Nadu, he criticised the Congress government for the poor conditions of the Union Territories and raised questions about their developmental activities, including in the sectors of transport, medicine, and infrastructure. He added, “Why is it not number one? Are women and youth getting opportunities to move ahead? Are the industries prospering here?” Further, he narrated the tale of dynasty which he always repeats to target the “Gandhi rule” that how from the time of independence i.e., from Nehru to his daughter Indira then to her son Rajiv and also how the congress party ruined the political culture and why we are still lagging behind several nations. PM Modi in his speech keep continuously accusing Singh’s government.

Each side in the dispute has been throwing brickbats at the other, Mr.Gandhi  said that” Congress party is working altogether to take everybody move forward irrespective of the barriers of the caste, economy or gender where as the BJP is a party for few selected businessmen”. Mr. Modi after launching the TN government’s ‘Amma two-wheeler scheme’ in Chennai, made a visit to Puducherry on sunday, he concluded his speech there by justifying the comparison between the two (BJP and Congress)where one ruled just for 48 months while the other, more than 48 years is extraneous.