Activism is a way of Life @ FASTTalks

Posted by FAST Talks
February 6, 2018

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“I don’t wanna leave my carbon footprints for posterity, instead I’ll try to neutralize them before I go.”- FAST Pledge.

In the world where lot of startups are mushrooming and running for incubator and accelerator programs around the globe, here is the one startup with a mission to revive the Planet and make it a better place for living for future generations. Two aspects company has adopted are : Sustainable Tourism (need of an hour due to growing growing traffic worldwide) and hit hard on causes worth fighting for thru its Fashion Activism (FAST merchandise — T-Shirts and Accessories). FAST thus stands for Fashion activism and Sustainable Tourism.

Business model of this unique company which aims to keep Planet before Profits and calls itself rightly a pFAP (Profit for a purpose ) company revolves around conducting talk shows in colleges,corporates,coffee shops, communities to bring awareness on social issues and leave a lasting impact on the audience thru selling their FAST merchandise during these gatherings. It is also the first company to create promotes sustainable tourism thru their unique short stories.

The spokesperson and FAST Activist Vineet stated “FAST will collaborate with NGOs, government bodies and other institutions who are willing to make a difference by leaving less human footprints and more greener planet for coming generations”.

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