Ahead Of Board Exams, Schools To Help Students Deal With Stress And Anxiety

Posted by Sudeeksha Bhati in Education
February 18, 2018

In this competitive and knowledge-thirsty world, schools play the most vital role in carving a student’s character and personality. Schools allow them to develop communication and inter-personal skills by making them self-aware, confident and responsible individuals. However, the stress of boards has further added to schools’ responsibilities. To deal with this, schools carry out various activities like yoga, meditation and workshops on how to deal with stress and anxiety for keeping students calm and focused on their studies.

In fact, in this crucial phase of life, students have to make crucial decisions for their future. Schools help them to think from all the aspects. Gradually, this makes them mature, thoughtful, rational and observant. During one’s teenage years, a student’s behaviour and personality can be moulded either way. At this juncture, schools help in grooming ourselves so that we may not only maintain our individuality, but also respect others dignity.

Particularly, schools help us to shed all the stress related to exams and scores. Our teachers build up our moral and encourage us to believe in ourselves. They provide us with effective strategies to work smartly, efficiently and accurately during exams. Whenever we are weighed down with stress, our friends understand us much better and help us in regaining the composure of our mind.

Schools also promote co-curricular activities so as to make us goal-oriented as well as task-oriented. The extracurricular activities organised in the schools build up our leadership skills and expose us to the real world situations. During our hectic study hours, these activities give us a short- break and freshen up our mind so that we may resume our studies with the same level of concentration, zeal, and enthusiasm.

Moreover, our seniors at school guide us with their deep insight and suggestions. They share their own experiences which further help us not to repeat the mistakes that they had committed. Presence of a counsellor at the school further adds to the bucket of benefits. They help us to cope with parental pressure, peer pressure, exam fear etc. They guide us with right and rational directions. To point out one, our school VidyaGyan Leadership Academy takes care of our physical health which ultimately affects our mental health and helps us remain fit- physically, mentally, and socially. They 24×7 availability of parent-like teachers and all the study resources at the campus encourages us to always strive for the best.

Finally, with all the above benefits, schools build up a world of opportunities wherein we get to learn the necessary skill-set that is required to thrive in the professional world. Most importantly, with board exams just around the corner, schools take special care that the students just focus on putting their best foot forward and not worry about the results. After all, board exams is not the end of life but a beginning of a real-and-competitive world waiting outside for all of us. That is why, it is important to wear a positive outlook avoiding any sort of stress and just do our best to meet the expectations of our parents and school.